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Where and when is Baltic Open 2010 going to be held?

From 26th to 28th of August 2010.

Our headquarters will be in Tallinn, Estonia. 

The racetrack is near Rapla, Estonia - about 50 km from Tallinn. 

What is the competition like?

It's all dynamic - Acceleration, Super Slalom, Sprint and Endurance.
Super Slalom - we will set a number of cones on the racetrack. You need to go up and down the slalom to get a time. Really nice leg. Those who were in Finland remember.

Which teams can enter?

All Formula Student teams. From Rovaniemi to Cape Town, Osaka to Rio de Janiero. And of course those around the Baltic Sea :) 

Which cars can enter?
All Formula Student / SAE class 1 cars of any vintage. All the cars must comply with the rules of their birth. For example: a 2008 car must comply with the 2008 rules. If you wish so, you can take more than one car with you, we would love that! 

How to register? 

Go to our registration page and fill in the form.
The fee will be 30 € per person.

Will there be scrutineering?

Yes. To assure safety and fair play. But it will be as human as possible. You will have plenty of time to fix all the problems in our comfortable garages. Don´t cancel your trip in fear of the scrut. 

Where can we fix and service our cars?

You can do it in our school. We have a wonderful garage with all the tools necessary. 

How do we get to the racetrack?

We will drive every morning, will take our cars with us. If anyone needs help we can improvise and find solutions on the go. 

Where is the accommodation? 

The accommodation will be in the Tallinn UAS building. It is advised to take your own sleeping bag and mattress with you. You will be sleeping on the floors of different classrooms. 

There is a sauna (in the evenings) and showers available for everyone. 

What about the food?

Breakfast will be served in the mornings. Weather in the school or in a cafeteria next to it. Still working out the details.

During the day there will be a chance to buy a meal next to the racetrack, snacks and beverages will also be on offer. The meal will be around 5 € per day. 


A small wonderful EU country, with a population of 1,340,415 inhabitants. With its own language, culture and currency (1 EUR = 15.66 EEK), a lot of beautiful nature and wildlife. Check out more from Wikipedia.

And it´s capital is Tallinn. Which has it´s unique hanseatic old town, beautiful coastline and buzzing 
nightlife. More on Wikipedia.

How to get here? 

Estonia is a member of EU and Schengen Area. 

For those coming from Scandinavia it is advised to take a ferry to Port of Tallinn, from Stockholm or Helsinki. You can find more info from Tallink.

For teams from central and western Europe there are a couple of possibilities:
  • Driving through Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia (no border-crossing hassle anymore). Route on GoogleMaps.
  • Crossing to Denmark and then driving through Scandinavia to Stockholm, crossing from there to Port of Tallinn. Route on GoogleMaps. More info:Tallink.
  • Catching a ferry from Rostock (Germany) leading to Tallinn, Ventspils (Latvia) or from Kiel (Germany) to Klaipeda (Lithuania).
    Route on GoogleMaps. More info from: TallinkScandlines, DirectFerries.
From Eastern Europe the only option is probably by car. Driving north through Poland and the Baltics. Route on GoogleMaps.

People coming form Russia will need a visa , this can be aquired from Estonian Embassy, after that just fire up your engines and drive :) 

Those who want to catch a plane can land in Lennart Meri Tallinna Airport.

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