To break the silence...

Hello again after a long while! Despite the silnce in our website, we have indeed been very busy. In fact, early morning on 2nd March our newest electric formula the FEST14 stood on its own four wheels.

The FEST14 on its wheels for the first time

Since then we have worked hard and in two weeks time we intend to get enough spark in our electric formula to take it out for a spin. After that awaits a proper testing period and we'll see you all in August in Põltsamaa, Austria, Hungary and Italy. There is also a slight chance that we will be allowed to take part in Formula Student Germany but at the moment we remain in the waiting list.

Another big news is that our website is due to change and the preparations are well on the way. Down below you can find a small teaser of what our new website might look like.

Our new website will look something like this... More information coming soon!

Stay tuned!

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