FS Team Tallinn competed in FSAE Michigan

The joint formula team of Tallinn University of Technology and Tallinn University of Applied Sciences, FS Team Tallinn, participated in the Michigan Formula SAE competition.

The team arrived in the United States of America a week before the competition in order to assemble the packed car and run some pre-race tests. We were hosted by the Oakland University Formula SAE team, located in the city of Rochester, near Detroit.

The racecar FEST10 attracted much attention among the judges and competitors for it's attractive design and finishing quality. It also showed some promising results in the first two dynamic events , finishing 4th in the acceleration and 9th in the skidpad event in a competition to which 120 teams had been registered to participate. Before the autocross and endurance events, FS Team Tallinn had the forth overall result for the dynamic events. However, this was not to last, as engine problems started to set in during the sprint event, resulting in the failure of the 3rd cylinder of the Yamaha R6 engine. Nevertheless, 24th fastest time was set in the autocross race.

The failure became evident when dismantling the engine head, a valve had broken, destroying the cylinder, piston and head. Sourcing a spare engine proved to be a task impossible to complete in friday evening and with such a short notice, so the team had to work hard during the night before the endurance competition in order to get the failed unit running again. Thanks to many improvised and rather unconventional solutions, the team managed to complete the task and make it to the start of the endurance event just before the closing of the gate. The car ran quite successfully on 3 working and 1 liping cylinders for the first half of the endurance event, but failed to start without assistance after the drivers change and had to retire.

Finishing 40th overall cannot therefore be considered to be a bad result at all.

In addition to the thrilling competition experience, the team managed to make many friends and gain some valuable contacts in America. The best among these friends are without a doubt the members of the Oakland University Formula SAE team, who shared their tools and workshop and were really supportive.

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Great to have you guys!!

I don't think anyone else could have done what you guy's did. Very nice job and final effort, I'm devistated that it didn't come through.

Hope to have you again.
Stephen Parker
June 05, 2010
It really was a blast to have you guys out at the garage. It was interesting to get to know you as a team as well as individually. We wish you all the best in your future SAE competitions and hope to see you again at some point.
Katy Cunningham
June 27, 2010
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