Baltic Open 09

FS Team Tallinn is taking part in the Baltic Open competition, which takes place in Helsinki Finland. We are competing with both of our car, FEST 08 and FEST 09. 
Wake up call at 5.30. The electricians had messed up. Way too early. Breakfast at 6.30. Yoghurt, apple, a bun with cheese. Knicked some cheese to the circuit as well. SO we could make some sandwiches at the track. The track by the way is perfect. A very nice kart circuit on the outskirts of Helsinki
The first hour we had free practice time. Our team was one of the most active ones. Really tried to do as much of testing as we could. Tried to set the car up as well as we could. 

The first competition was acceleration. Where we did really well. Came second and third just after te locals. 
Acceleration Results:
1. Helsinki 09 3.85;
2. Tallinn 09 4.00; 
3. Tallinn 08 4.02;
4. KTH 04 4.23;
5. Karlstadt 4.31
6. Helsinki 06 4.38;
7. Aalborg 4.49;
8. Tampere 9.99;
9. KTH 09 9.99

The next event was SuperSlalom. A track made by setting cones on the kart track. This was a lot more fun than skidpad. Really yop notch stuff. Again we were doing very nicely. More  results tomorrow ! :) Let´s burn rubber ! 

1. Helsinki 
2. Tallinn 09 
3. Tallinn 08

Check out the Baltic Open gallery ! 


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