Baltic Open Update

Hey everyone,

Today we spent the whole day at Rapla. Layed down the track for sprint, endurance and SuperSlalom. we also reheresed the work of flagsmen and referees. The sprint/endurance track is going to be really fast and thus spectacular to watch. All the slalom elements only consist 3 cones and there are  only 5 of them. That means that there will be only 15 cones on the track - as promised, only pure racing.

SuperSlalom has variable pitch between the cones - therfore testing the abilities of the driver to the maximum. The track ends with a narrow 180 turn - fun to watch.

Everything looks good.

Oh and the Metropolia guys already arrived. They came straight from Hungary, a 24h drive. They overheated their engine in Hungary and feared the worst but discovered here that it was much better than they thought. So now they took their showers and headed off for a meal in downtown!

Good news nr2. the daninsh team Unicorn Racing Engineering is coming with 2 cars and the Metroppolia old team is also trying to bring their 05 car with them. Intereseting , interesting !

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