Estonian Student Formula is the Fastest in Europe

The competition in Siverstone can be considered a success despite the misunderstandings with the judges. Every competitor knew FS Team Tallinn and - as it was established later in edurance - for a very good reason. Our car was the fastest in Europe!

120 teams participated in the competition and our results are following:
* 6th place overall

Static events:
* 16th in Cost
* 20th in Business
* in Design finals among six of the best teams

Dynamic events:
* 6th in Acceleration
* 7th in Skidpad
* 7th in Sprint
* 8th in Endurance

The scrutineering we managed to pass effortlessly this time. All that was required to do was to add some duct tape - the wings had some sharp edges. The noise test, however, caused some drama. We had chosen to lead the exhaust under the bottom to the diffuser. Most likely the ground and the diffuser itself amplified the sound and hence the measured sound level barely fit in the allowed limits. A spectacle in its own was seeing the judge measure the sound level. At first he seemed very lost but then got a grip and brought himself a padding to kneel next to the car. It isn't easy to be a judge...

The brake test also made us slightly anxious when all wheels were to lock but right rear wheel of FEST12 had a life of its own and decided to run along while its companions ceased rotating. Our pedalboxman immediately tore off the brake caliper and started motivating it. In just a few minutes the car was ready for a rerun and this time success was granted.

The acceleration was held in 'good' British weather aka was a proper water festival. Acceleration is usually considered to be a rather simple task - all you have to do is drive in straight line, push the pedals and change gears. However, in the wet conditions it proved to be more tricky and the drivers had to be up for the challenge. A competitor lost control of his vehicle, spun and took a closer look at the barrier. Our drivers were great as expected and the time 4,590 s was enough to grant us the 6th place. The first six teams were invited to a rerun and in that we proved to be the fastest combustion car. However, the rerun had no effect on the final results and hence the 6th place.

Only one of the drivers managed to set the time in skidpad. When the other driver was in the car and ready to run, the officials closed the track stating that the time was up. Luckly the first driver was also the more experienced one and granted us the 7th place. In sprint both of our drivers were top-notch again and 48,368 s was enough to be the 7th in the ranking.

In endurance our FEST12 was head and shoulders above the competitors. Our time after 23 laps was 1274,100 s to which 18 s had to be added for 9 cones knocked off. So as a fare trade our adjusted time was supposed to be 1292,100 s aka roughly 21 and a half minutes. The best car in the current ranking showed the time of 1335,850 s aka 22 minutes and 16 s. We were 45,750 seconds better! And all that with only the second gear because our gear change system malfunctioned.

The reason why we lost our well-deserved first place in the endurance was the bad organising of the queue. Some of the cars before us failed to run and therefore left the queue. Consequently we were up earlier than expected and hence missed our turn. We reacted quickly and were on the track right after the car that had taken our spot but this was not enough and we were still assigned a penalty of 120 s. We filed a protest but for some unclear reasons it was rejected...

All in all the results exceeded our expectations and will definitely give us more confidence in preparations for the competition in Hungary. For the Win! :)

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