The first week is passed in flying colors

Not long ago our 16 of our tough team members, a fan, and 4 of our  veteran members began their long trip to the other side of the Pond. By now a whole week has passed at the home of hamburgers and Coca Cola.

FEST12 in the USA

On 29th April at 5 AM our US team gathered to the Tallinn Airport and after having successfully passed the security check, the trip was about to begin. A small pit-stop in Amsterdam and after about 8 hours of surfing in the plane's entertainment system the team finally arrived at the States. Our friends from Oakland Uni gave our guys a warm welcome. Thank you to Oakland University Formula SAE Team!

The trip itself was a success in every way - even the luggage reached the same destination as the team. And yet something important is still missing: our main hero - the FEST12 - has not arrived yet. Luckily, though, it gave our men a good chance to get some rest after the tedious flight. The FEST12 arrived the following day, being fashionably late. Three hours after receiving the package our formula car was almost in a ready-to-race state, only the fluids were yet to be poured in. The latter problem was easily solved by a short trip to the local gas station. The first attempt to start the engine showed that the fuel system that has been somewhat problematic in the past, is once again about to start a general strike. The strike was initiated by the fuel injector nr 2.

Unpacking and assembly of the FEST12

The third day was mainly focused on skid pad, starring Rait Karri and Kristjan Maruste. With the beginning of the new day, the general strike of the fuel system was joined by one of the fuel supply pumps that suddenly multiplied its power need and after a while, without any warning, stopped working. After a thorough clean up of the fuel system it was discovered that amongst the fuel there was also some debris in the system. That most likely clogged up the pump which resulted in malfunction. Despite the previously mentioned issues the skid test was a complete success - the best time of the day was 4,985 s by Karri. Great result!

In the fourth day the team was finally complete as the second and last batch of our mischievous travelers arrived. Their flight was also completely carefree. The same day the team also managed to find the last van to carry around the crew of 21. Along with the last van the 'fleet' was complete - the FS Team Tallinn have three vans at their command. It is worth mentioning that the team decided to be true to the all American lifestyle and therefore all the vans are real American wonders with huge engines and velour lined interior.

After a successful skid pad testing it was time for acceleration, sprint and, last but definitely not least, the endurance. Since the layout of the Michigan skid/endurance track is up on-line, there was no question about the layout of the practice track. It was soon discovered that the track is physically challenging and the drivers need to have good stamina. However, it appeared that the test track was most likely slightly more difficult than the real race track. But 'Hard training - easy combat'.

The mandatory group picture with the previous owners of one of the vans

The Saturday was booked for the 'dress rehearsal'. The team decided to act out all the competition events in order to try and avoid any unpleasant surprises at the competitions in Michigan. Thanks to the competence of our veteran members and the advisors the team was able to find out about and correct a number of shortcomings. Our formula race car had to pass through a thorough scrutineering along with the tilt test, our business team delivered their presentation, and finally the cost and the design reports were discussed. The ambitious plans set in the morning also included all the dynamic events but due to some anomalies regarding the suspension these were to be postponed. So in Sunday the dynamic events were successfully completed as well.

But now the team is most likely on their way to Michigan International Speedway. The competition is due to start tomorrow, 8th May. Wish them luck!

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