The newest members of FS Team Tallinn: Welcome!

New season, new hopes, new dreams and we have 19 new team members to help and make them come true.


  • Kermo Basov
  • Siim Heering
  • Kristjan Jansons
  • Koit Kaupmees
  • Sander Kolosov
  • Marek Lentsius
  • Kristen Miller
  • Anto Mätas
  • Kristjan Möller
  • Geili Pais
  • Sander Parts
  • Markus Põder
  • Sven Ruugla
  • Aleksandr Stennikov
  • Mario Stepanov
  • Aavo Talvar
  • Sander Tomson
  • Stiven Vesi
  • Juhan Viik

Welcome-welcome! Lets hope each and every one of You is as hard-working as is FS manner. Personal initiative is very welcome ;)

We also have some foreign students to chip in. There are Tim from Germany and Junmin-Tong from China. Welcome!

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