The team has yet again grown!

It is autumn again and a new season is about to begin. To make our new car as good as possible, we have decided to accept huge number of new members to the team. We received a total of 55 applications and the level of the applicants was yet again very high. Initially we had decided to accept 16 new members to the team but we had to reconsider. So, now we can proudly announce that we have 21 new members in FS Team Tallinn.

No more people named Siim were added to the team this year, however, we got another Kristjan and Sander. And also a proper female engineer. In autumn 2013 we had to say goodbye to our team manager mr Maruste but this autumn he was kind of replaced by mr M. Aruste. The season looks promising! :)

The 'Chosen Ones' are listed below:

  • Alan Laul
  • Alari Rotka
  • Andrus Kuusk
  • Erko Hermann
  • Hadi Osali
  • Indrek Petjärv
  • Jonar Ilves
  • Jürgen Soom
  • Karl Kalmet
  • Kaspar Kriisk
  • Kevin Kuusik
  • Kristiina Kärt
  • Kristjan Nikolai
  • Mait Aruste
  • Martin Meesit
  • Nikolai-Georg Svidlov
  • Pavel Smekalov
  • Pranay Kenkre
  • Raivo Räst
  • Sander Viitak
  • Tengiz Pataraia

The people who were not admitted to the team for a reason or another should definitely apply again next year. Based on our experience we can say that a year is long enough time for a person to grow and develop. Until then, be sure to keep an eye on what we're up to and ask us at every chance how we are doing with our new electric formula ;)

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