We are recruiting!

It is that time of the year again. No, it is not Christmas. It is the time when FS Team Tallinn is in search for new members who are ready to continue our fine work. Our first priority are the universities that support us - Tallinn University of Technology and TTK University of Applied Sciences. However, enthusiasts from other universities are also very welcome. You can apply for the team HERE.

As you may assume, constructing an electrics formula requires huge amount of electricians and electronics' specialists. No, they are not constantly killed by high voltage. It is more about the enormous workload and two pairs of hands always beat one. However, we have to emhasise that our project is not a mere mechanical construction and leading spark from wire to wire. Every decent formula team has to have a good administration. That's why have a rather wide range of people that we need.

For example, for the past three years we have had an architecture student in the team. Not because we desperately need to design our own competition centre or to extend our garage to the parking lot. Instead, it has everything to do with interest in technology and a person who saw that designing and constructing a proper formula racecar is something that one has to witness in one's life being as close as possible. Hence, we have noticed that the most important is being interested. Some are hugely interested from very beginning, some still have to find their interest. Some find it in the competitions at the end of the summer. Never mind how one find's it but it is important to definitely find it.

As I previously mentioned, a proper formula team has to have a good administration. This means that we have a growing need for graphic designers, business people, photographers, filming enthusiasts, accountants and many other specialists that can help the team in those areas that the mechanics, electricians and other engineers cannot or don't have time to deal with.

The benefits are huge. Fist and foremost you learn teamwork and consideration towards others. You will also get good practical experience in a situation where you have many people counting on you. The responsibility is huge, but bare in mind that we are all here to learn. So you have lots of helpers in case you should be in trouble. And believe that these friends you can keep for a long time. In addition, you can get important contacts among sponsors in Estonia and in many foreign countries. Whether you want it or not, but you will improve your English that is the official language of all the competitions. If you are hardworking and devoted then you can join the team in the competion tour that has taken the team to some very spectacular places over the years. And usually there has been some fun detour to see or experience something extra special.

You must have heard people complaining that employers look for experienced workers but a fresh graduate has none. This is another area where we can help. We provide you with practical experience, good skills and, if you need, a proper recommendation. It is definitely worth your while!

So, if you are interested, please, do not hesitate to let us know and apply HERE. If you think your friend would want to joint the team, send him or her to our homepage. Once you've filled in the application form you have to wait for us to contact you. Then we'll invite you to come and have a little talk with us so we would get to know you a bit better and find out what you like, what are your hobbies and what your regular day looks like. After that you have to wait some more until we have met all the applicants. Then we will let you know if you are welcome to join the team or whether you have to try again next year.

You have nothing to lose but lots to win. So hesitate NO MORE and apply for the team! :)

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