Year of manufacture
Kerb weight
ca 256 kg
Engine Yamaha R6, 600cm3, 90hp
Transmission 6-step sequential Yamaha gearbox, O-ring steel chain, Torsen differential
Suspension Independent double wishbone suspension. The spring and shock absorbers are operated by pullrod in front and by pushrod in rear.
Tyres 6,2/20,0-13 GoodYear
Chassis design and material
Welded CrMo space frame
Body design and material
5 easy to remove glass fiber body panels
Acceleration, 0-100km/h 4,2 s
Top Speed
ca 174 km/h (depending on the transmission ratio)

Competition history
July 2008 - 13th position, IMechE Formula Student, Silverstone, UK
- Best Newcomer trophy

August 2009 - 3rd position, Baltic Open, Helsinki, Finland

August 2010 - 2nd position, Baltic Open, Tallinn/Rapla, Estonia

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