FS Team Tallinn season 2008/2009

Armed with the experience and knowledge gained during process of building their first Formula Student car FEST08, the team was ready for a new season in autumn 2008. Most of the members for the last season stayed with the team which therefore consisted of a bunch of quite experienced students. The goal was to create a new, more advanced formula car.

In september and october a lot of energy was put into satisfying the public interest the first car had aroused - press events were held, the project was covered by different magazines and newspapers and the team was featured television shows. The team was also involved in organizing the 50th anniversary event dedicated to the once renown Tallinn-built formula cars "Estonia" (1958-2000). The event was held in the premices of Tallinn College of Engineering, a modern Formula Renault car aswell as FEST08 were exhibited besides a collection of historic Estonias.

 Shooting a clip for the Estonian Television

FEST08 was also exhibited in different public events and fairs, perhaps the most noticeably in the world's largest industrial fair, the Hanover Fair held in the city of Hanover, Germany. FEST08 served as the  eye-catcher of the Estonian national display, exhibiting Estonian industry, technical achievements aswell as education.

The process of designing a completely new car had also begun in september an by january we could start manufacuring the frame. As the snow melt an the spring arrived, the manufacturing

Testing of FEST09 - july 2009.

process really started to pick up the pace. By the beginning of june, weeks of welding, cutting, milling and drilling had resulted in a large pile of owen-fresh parts, of which the new car, FEST09, was assembled in only a few day. The chassis was rolling in june 13th 1.30 AM and the engine was fired up for the first time two nights later. It could have been (rightly) predicted ofcourse, that starting a loud race-car in our workshop located almost in the center of the city at 3 o'clock AM would bring us a lot of complaints from the neighbours in the morning, but it was worth it!

After that almost a month and a half of vigorous testing followed, during which the reliability of the car was put on trial, the design was completed, a set-up for the engine and suspension was worked out and pilots trained for the competition. Everything was completed by the beginning of augst, when we set off for Hockenheim to participate in the Formula Student Germany competition. Sadly though, our fortunes turned in the competition as a malfuction occured which didn't allow us to finish the endurance race. This resulted in a considerable loss of points and a 46th placement in overall results (out of 78 competitors).

Ten days later in Finland we were successful though, not a single problem occured and we managed to win Baltic Open in front of Finnish, Swedish and Danish teams. Besides overall victory, superslalom and endurance events were also won. Ending the season with a good result made us confident about the car and it's capabilities and gave some satisfaction over the work done on it.

FEST09 at the Baltic Open in Helsinki.