Baltic Open 2010

At the end of the summer, FS Team Tallinn invited the Formula Student teams from the neighboring countries to Estonia for the Baltic Open 2010 event. The opening ceremony on the city's central plaza Vabaduse Väljaks (Freedom Square) was preceeded by a cruise through the city - people who happened to witness the event seemed to be rather suprised to see a dozen noisy formula cars suddenly appearing behind the Tõnismäe hill and heading towards the City Hall.

The race itself was held on the Rapla karting track, located some 50 kilometers south of Tallinn. The participant list ofcourse included FEST08 and FEST10, aswell as visitors from Finland (Helsinki and Tampere), Sweden (Karlstad), Denmark (Aalborg) and Germany (Deggendorf). A total of 10 cars entered the race.

FEST10 proved to be the fastest of them all and secured a solid victory without too much hassle. A much more exiting battle was for the second place between FEST08 and Helsinki, Tampere, Aalborg and Karstad cars.

 FEST08 was placed 2nd overall.

Nothing was decided yet before the final event begun and the endurance race once again turned out really dramatical. FEST08 seemed to outpace most of it's competition with the worrifying exception of the restlessly handling but skillfully driven Helsinki car. Regardless of their vigorous driving, the finns were unfortunately not to see the checkered flag. A trail of oil coming from the broken oiltank lead to retirement seven laps before the end. Estonians could therefore claim a 1-2 victory and danes from the Aalborg University completed the podium.

FS Team Tallinn wants to thank Ants Seiler Foundation for their help with the opening ceremony and put out special prizes for the competitors. Ants Seiler Foundation is named after the engineer and race car driver who founded the Estonia formula car factory in 1957. The foundation is part of the Estonian National Culture Foundation and is brought to existence in order to support young automotive engineers.

The official overall results of the race:

Car # Team Acceleration Superslalom Sprint Endurance Total Position
44 Tallinn 1 73,6 50,0 150,0 300,0 573,6 1
87 Tallinn 2 66,9 43,4 126,2 260,4 496,8 2
18 Aalborg 2 67,6 33,2 115,1 252,0 467,8 3
7 Tampere 2 52,0 41,6 113,2 238,1 444,8 4
73 Fast Forest 45,1 8,6 96,1 205,9 355,6 5
78 Tampere 1 29,2 17,8 118,3 184,2 349,5 6
5 Helsinki 55,6 39,8 133,3
228,7 7
54 Karlstad 1 75,0 29,7 108,7
213,4 8
154 Karlstad 2 70,2 28,3 74,9
173,4 9
1 Aalborg 1 44,0 14,7

58,6 10

Click here for the complete results.

You can also find a whole bunch of photos from the race in this gallery!