FEST12 technical specifications

Engine make, cubic capacity
Yamaha R6, 599 cm3
Power and torque
95 hp / 10500 rpm
75 Nm / 8500 rpm
3-step sequential Yamaha gearbox, steel chain, Drexler differential
FrameWelded tubular CrMo spaceframe
SuspensionIndependent double wishbone suspension with pushrod-operated springs and shock absorbers
Bodywork Carbon fiber body panels, carbon aramide floor panel
Kerb weight
220 kg
Aerodynamic elementsFront and rear anti-wings and full diffuser
Aerodynamic downforce
106 kg at 75 kph
7,5/25,0-10 Hoosier 
Lenght x width x height
3008 x 1420 x 1088 mm
1540 mm
Track front / rear
1210 / 1167mm
Acceleration, 0-100km/h
3,8 s 
Competition history
July 2012 (11th to 15th) - 6th position, Formula Student, Silverstone, UK
- 6th position in design
- 6th position in acceleration
- 5th position in endurance
- 7th position in skid pad
- 7th position in autocross

August 2012 (17th to 20th) - 1st position, Formula Student Hungary, Györ, Hungary
- 1st position in static events
- 1st position in business plan
- 3rd position in cost
- 6th position in design finals
- 3rd position in dynamic events
- 2nd position in endurance
- 2nd position in autocross
- 3rd position in skid pad
- 5th position in acceleration

August 2012 (24th to 27th) - 1st position, Baltic Open, Darmstadt, Germany
- 1st position in acceleration
- 3rd position in skid pad
- 3rd position in autocross
- 1st position in endurance

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