Welcome to FS Team Tallinn

A place, where engineering talents and world-class formula cars are born

Who We Are

We are a group of motivated students from TalTech and Tallinn UAS who are eager to get hands-on experience and valuable knowledge in engineering, business and teamwork in the automotive industry!

Ambitious Students

Formula Student Tallinn has 60 active members, working every day

Active Over 15 Years

Formula Student Team Tallinn has been driving the race since 2006

Dedicated Team Members

The team consists of TalTech and TTK UAS students

Worldwide Success

The team has won numerous trophies from all around the world

What We Do

We design, manufacture and compete a high-performance formula car every year, utilizing cutting-edge technology and engineering principles. With the car, we participate in Formula Student product development competitions all over Europe!

What's Our Mission

Through our project, we want to make the field of engineering more appealing to the students so they would choose it as their future career! For engineering students we give the possibility to get the best possible education through a practical experience of building a real formula student race car!

Our Supporters

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