The Formula Student Competition

So what is it exactly that we do?

About Formula Student

The Formula Student is an international product development competition aimed for the students of engineering and automotive technology. The idea was born in the United States, where university teams have been competing with each other for nearly three decades in the Formula SAE series. The main objectives of the Formula Student competition are to design, build and present a single seat formula car prototype for an amateur weekend racer. During the competition the student built car has to prove its benefits in dynamic and static events by collecting points.

Timeline of Our Year



In September we are accepting new candidates to join our team.
October- December


In this period our members are creating new concepts and designs for our vechile.

October- December
December- February


This is the time to produce the physical parts of the car.

December- February
February- April


When the parts are done, it’s time to put the car together.

February- April
May- July


Before the competitions, our newly made vehicle needs testing and improvements.

May- July
July- August

The Competition

It’s finally time to see the car race and travel!

July- August

The Events

The jury will judge every team’s car and sales plan based on construction, cost planning and sales presentation. The rest of the judging will be done out on the track, where the students demonstrate in a number of performance tests how well their self-built cars fare in their true environment. The maximum amount of points to achieve is 1000p.

/ Dynamic Events

Endurance (325p)

22km long distance driven by two drivers.

Efficiency (100p)

Relationship between the distance traveled and the energy consumed.

Autocross (100p)

Tests the car's dynamic ability in a one lap sprint.

Skidpad (75p)

The objective of the event is to measure the car’s lateral grip.

Acceleration (75p)

75m drive from standing start,as fast as possible.

/ Static Events

Engineering Design (150p)

Presenting the engineering concepts of the car to the judges.

Cost & Manufactoring (100p)

Presenting the detailed report of all costs associated with materials, processes and assembly of the car.

Business Plan Presentation (75p)

Presenting a business plan related to the team’s formula car.

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