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The project is financed from the state budget by the means of financing science and development activities.

Short Overview:

Formula Student Team Tallinn builds a unique electric formula car that is capable of driving with and without a driver. The prototype participates in international Formula Student series competitions in the summer of 2023. For the first time in the history of FS Team Tallinn,  the team has developed the motors and inverters required for the formula by themselves. The components will be tested on the 2023 formula car and later be taken into use on vehicles of the following years as well.

Purpose and results:

The goal of the project is to build a unique electric formula car in the Baltics that is capable of driving with and without a driver – FEST23. The finished formula car will take part in at least four product development competitions in the Formula Student series, with a goal to achieve dozens of podium places and at least one overall victory. For the first time in FS Team Tallinn’s history, the team has also been developing motors and inverters by themselves, which will now be tested on the 2023 formula car and later taken over to the following seasons’ vehicles as well. The goal of the development is to achieve more efficient and reliable details and reduce dependence on manufacturers. The entire student formula project’s aim is to give students a practical output and cutting-edge engineering education knowledge. Another big goal is to popularize engineering and guide young people to choose technical specialties for further studies. A real formula car design and construction inspires current and future students alike much more than just a theoretical body of knowledge. The students participating in the student formula project will have top level engineering knowledge and skills, which they can later contribute to the Estonian economy. They do that with both knowledge and high-quality labor, as well by developing new technological solutions that can change people’s lives for the better.

Contribution amount: 100 000€


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