The Season of FEST07

When it all began…

The beginning of FS Team Tallinn

In Estonia, the idea of Formula Student began to spread in early 2005, when Sten Soomlais, a student of automotive engineering at Tallinn University of Technology (TTÜ), introduced the concept of Formula Student at the Motorsport Technical Seminar at Tallinn University of Applied Sciences (TTK). That same spring, the first two theses on the topic of Formula Student were completed.

Leaning on the theses on Formula Student topics as well as inspiration from a visit of the Helsinki Stadia Polytechnic FS Team, a joint Formula Student team consisting of students of transport engineering and product development from both TTÜ and TTK was formed in October 2006. Lecturers Janek Luppin and Risto Kõiv organized the first meeting for students interested in the project. Although many students attended, the number quickly dwindled down to a core group of dedicated individuals.

In their first year, the team set a goal to participate in the Formula Student competition in England in July 2007 in Class III and to gain enough experience to build a reliable prototype and compete in Class I in 2008. Participation in Class III required the creation of a virtual prototype, which included the solution of the car’s overall concept, the design of the chassis components, brake and steering systems, and three-dimensional virtual models of the bodywork, along with reports describing their design and cost.

From July 12 to 15, 2007, at the Silverstone circuit complex, the team presented their virtual prototype of the formula car to the judges. Before the competition, the team had to prepare and submit technical documentation on the car, which described the technical solutions of the car, the production technology and cost calculation for certain components. The team had to give three presentations on the overall construction of the car, the manufacturing technology of the designed components and the pricing of the project as a whole. Each presentation was followed by a detailed discussion with the judges that aimed to determine the thoroughness and appropriateness of the selected solutions. In addition, each team had its own booth area where they could present their project to interested parties. Spectacular Class I car races could also be watched, technical solutions of already completed cars could be explored and connections with various university teams could be made.

The team returned from the competition with a fourth place out of 15 teams in Class III, with the top three spots being taken by more experienced “B-teams.”.


The first members of FS Team Tallinn…

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