The Season of FEST12

An Overview of the Season

2012 competitions have ended with great results, and the season can be wrapped up with a golden ribbon. On August 20th, Estonian Independence Day, students from Tallinn University of Technology and Tallinn University of Applied Sciences were titled as the champions of the 2012 Hungarian competition. The achieved result is far from coincidental, but rather the realization of years of effort and consistency. We had already shown our winning potential to the world this year at the Silverstone circuit in England, where we were the fastest car in endurance racing. The penalty that stole our first place at the start was a great motivator to fight for the overall victory in Hungary, which had already become obligatory for us. Knowing the car’s capability on the track, we invested heavily in presenting the car’s business plan and cost, and the work paid off. The promise made through the Estonian Public Broadcasting to win the Hungarian competition has been fulfilled, and we are now enjoying the full release of emotional tension.

The next milestone on our competition calendar was the Baltic Open competition in Germany. What makes this race special is the fact that all previous cars built by the team can also participate. For us, this meant a visit to the TTÜ museum where we redeemed our 2010 beauty. We also started up the very first formula car built by students, the infamous FEST08. Dealing with and racing vintage cars was left to the team’s veterans, who are no longer active members. The Baltic Open competition only awards points for the performance of the car and driver, leaving aside theoretical knowledge and skills. Upon arriving at the competition site, we knew that the first place result from Hungary would allow FEST12 to take the full game from Germany. Unofficially, the newest car was superior to the competitors in all four areas, but sporting misfortune and big risks meant giving up first places in the skid pad and sprint, as some cones were hit. In motorsport, “could have” and “should have” don’t count. Stability and reliability brought FS Team Tallinn its third overall victory from the Baltic Open safely home. The veterans formed the biggest surprise, their remarkable performance in the endurance race brought the 2010 race car to third place on the podium. FEST 08 was not far behind, fighting for the fourth position. For the Formula Student Team Tallinn, this means a great achievement, and we take it as a team triple victory.

In summary, it can be said that the 2012 season proved our belonging in the absolute top of the Formula Student world. Thank you to everyone who has contributed over the years – the victory is the result of years of uncompromising work. Every year we have taken the previous experience and made big leaps forward. When we won the Best Newcomer title in the first year, many did not believe that it could be achieved. Today, we have shown that it is possible to reach the absolute top in Formula Student, which has become immensely popular and professional, in just five years. This was not achieved with a large budget, team or industry support, but simply with pure and consistent work.

Today, we can say that this energy has not been wasted!

FEST12 Results


  • Cost: 16. Place
  • Business Plan: 20. Place
  • Engineering design: 6. Place
  • Acceleration: 6. Place
  • Skidpad: 7. Place
  • Autocross: 7. Place
  • Endurance: 5. Place
  • Efficiency: 23. Place
  • Overall: 6. Place

FS Hungary

  • Cost: 3. Place
  • Business Plan: 1. Place
  • Engineering design: 6. Place
  • Acceleration: 5. Place
  • Skidpad: 3. Place
  • Autocross: 2. Place
  • Endurance: 2. Place
  • Efficiency: 16. Place
  • Overall: 1. Place

FS Michigan

  • Cost: 56. Place
  • Business Plan: 33. Place
  • Engineering design: 2. Place
  • Acceleration: 4. Place
  • Skidpad: 7. Place
  • Autocross: 9. Place
  • Endurance: 2. Place
  • Efficiency: 25. Place
  • Overall: 2. Place

FS Canada

  • Cost: 11. Place
  • Business Plan: 3. Place
  • Engineering design: 2. Place
  • Acceleration: 2. Place
  • Skidpad: 4. Place
  • Autocross: 1. Place
  • Endurance: 2. Place
  • Overall: 2. Place

Technical Stats


220 kg

Top speed

>150 km/h


3,8 s


Yamaha R6, 599 cm3

Length x width x height

3008 x 1420 x 1088 mm

Track width front/ back

1210mm / 1167 mm


3-speed sequential Yamaha gearbox, chain transmission, Drexler differential


Independent coil suspension with double wishbones


7,5/20 -10 Hoosier


Frame welded from CrMo tubes


Spatial carbon composite shell, carbon aramid composite bottom plate




Some moments are meant to be captured, so that we could have something to look back to. Here are some of our most memorable moments from season 11/12.


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