The Season of FEST17


An Overview of the Season

The goal of this season was to develop the lightest and most reliable formula student car in the team’s history. Since switching to electric formula cars, the team has been inconsistently compared to the world’s top competitors – some wins in one race were followed by setbacks. The cars have not been reliable, and sleepless nights in the garage have been common between races, which negatively affects the team’s overall preparation for competitions. It can be said in advance that the students’ actions were purposeful and rewarded accordingly in competitions.

To our surprise, we managed to reduce the weight of the car compared to the previous car from 220kg to 187kg. The biggest weight saving of 3.5kg was achieved by replacing aluminum wheels with carbon fiber wheels. We also saved weight on electronic components. The reliability of the FEST17 car was quite good due to extensive testing period.

Our first race of the season was Formula Student EAST in Hungary. Although we initially had problems passing the brake test, we managed to pass it with a new setup and a different driver. We achieved a great time in the skidpad and immediately set the acceleration time, which was only surpassed by one German team. This proved that FEST17 is fast, definitely the fastest Formula Student car made by Tallinn students. Surprisingly, we finished third overall at FS EAST.

Before the next race, we rested in Croatia for a week and a half. As a learning opportunity, we visited Rimac Automobili, a great role model in the field of electric cars, offering young engineers great motivation and potential future partnerships. In the second half of our break, we tested FEST17 on a local karting track and headed to the next race.

The second race of the season took place in Most, Czech Republic. The team had prepared and practiced for the static events, which resulted with a third place in the design event. The best results followed in acceleration and the skidpad. However, during the endurance event, one of the four motors stopped working and we lost valuable time. We finished in a respectable second place overall.

We also participated in an unofficial Baltic Open competition, where three previous FS Team Tallinn cars were also represented. The weather conditions were not favorable, and due to heavy rain, it would have been more useful to navigate the course with a rubber boat than a high-tech Formula Student car. To top it off, one of FEST17’s wheel rims broke. Did this end the team’s racing season? Fortunately, there is a solution to every problem, and a new rim was found within driving distance in Germany. Cheers of joy!

We then headed to the final race of the season, the Formula Student Hungary. The competition, held at the university campus in the city center of Györ, was the most successful race of the season for our team. FS Team Tallinn maintained a high level of performance in dynamic short-distance events, achieved second place in the design event, and improved results in other static events. Then came the shock. One of the Formula Student teams from Germany couldn’t keep their car within the lines on the acceleration track and crashed into a street post – the driver was unharmed, but the car was wrecked. Accidents are very rare in Formula Student, and for safety reasons, it was decided to cancel the remaining dynamic events. This meant an automatic stage win for our team, but the competition became unofficial and no points were added to the standings. What a shame!

Looking back at the past season, it was definitely FS Team Tallinn’s biggest improvement in the last five years. Big goals were achieved: the car is still working with minor glitches, and the mass win was overwhelming.

FEST17 Results

FS East

  • Cost: 21. Place
  • Business Plan: 27. Place
  • Engineering design: 24. Place
  • Acceleration: 2. Place
  • Skidpad: 5. Place
  • Autocross: 8. Place
  • Endurance: 4. Place
  • Efficiency: 8. Place
  • Overall: 1. Place

FS Czech

  • Cost: 8. Place
  • Business Plan: 8. Place
  • Engineering design: 3. Place
  • Acceleration: 1. Place
  • Skidpad: 1. Place
  • Autocross: 3. Place
  • Endurance: 3. Place
  • Efficiency: 5. Place
  • Overall: 2. Place


Some things are meant to be captured, so that we could have something to look back to. Here are some of our most memorable moments from season 16/17.


Team Supervisor

Rainer Lepik

Team Captain

Indrek Petjärv

Chief of Electronics

Martin Ploom

Chief of Suspension

Sander Parts

Chief of Composites

Siim Starke

The Sub-Teams

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