The Season of FEST20

A Brief Overview of the Season

The new season brought with it a lot of new ideas and challenges, we concentrated on the mass and centre of gravity height. The corner assembly was redesigned with a more compact solution and we used  nomex core for our monocoque the first time. From the front axle the anti-roll bar and bellcranks were deleted and the controller housing was optimised for centre of gravity, with the heaviest PCB located next to the accumulator. Unfortunately due to the worldwide pandemic all Formula Student competitions were cancelled. Building the Formula car was also made difficult due to the state of restrictions, but we still managed to make FEST20 drivable! To test the completed car, we organised a driving day with our alumni cars, so that we could compare FEST20 to previous FEST versions. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to show the full potential of the car because the FEST20’s brakes overheated during endurance and FEST19 took overall first place.


Team Captain

Rico Jaanipere

Chief Engineer

Konrad Ilustrumm

Chief of Electronics

Kristjan Kõuts

Chief of Suspension

Georg Kõivumägi

Chief of Composites

Kaarel Haavajõe

DV Team Captain

Diana Pachner

Chief of DV Software

Anders Piir

Chief of DV Mechanics

Karl August Tatunts

the Sub-Teams


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Team Captain

Name: Kristjan Taimla

University & Programme: TalTech Product Development and Robotics BSc

Seasons in FS Team Tallinn: FEST21/22

What do you do in FS Team Tallinn?

The task of the team captain is to lead and direct the team members and be responsible for planning and organizing the entire project process. Captain role includes time and resource planning, budget management and ensuring that the team meets all project goals and requirements. It is also the captain’s job to represent the team at public appearances and presentations.

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