The Season of FEST21


Team Captain

Georg Kõivumägi

Chief Engineer

Kaarel Haavajõe

Chief of Composites

Kaarel Karri

Chief of Suspension

Tanel Tammeveski

Chief of Electronics

Artur Lindegron 

DV Team Captain

Tauri Tammaru

the Sub-Teams

FEST21 Stats

2.6 s


173 kg


1300 Nm


2.6 G

Max. lateral acceleration

500 N

Downforce (55 km/h)

140 kW

Combined power


Some moments are meant to be captured, so that we could have something to look back to. Here are some of our most memorable moments from season 20/21.

FS Austria

Cost: 14. Place
Business Plan: 19. Place
Engineering design: 10. Place
Acceleration: 3. Place
Skidpad: 4. Place
Autocross: 4. Place
Endurance: 3. Place
Efficiency: 8. Place
Overall: 3. Place

FS Italy

Cost: 11. Place
Business plan: 13. Place
Engineering design: 11. Place
Acceleration: 1. Place
Skidpad: 3. Place
Autocross: 2. Place
Endurance: 1. Place
Efficiency: 5. Place
Overall: 1. Place

FS East

Cost: 10. Place
Business Plan: 19. Place
Engineering design: 12. Place
Acceleration: 4. Place
Skidpad: 6. Place
Autocross: 9. Place
Endurance: 6. Place
Efficiency: 13. Place
Overall: 6. Place

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Team Captain

Name: Kristjan Taimla

University & Programme: TalTech Product Development and Robotics BSc

Seasons in FS Team Tallinn: FEST21/22

What do you do in FS Team Tallinn?

The task of the team captain is to lead and direct the team members and be responsible for planning and organizing the entire project process. Captain role includes time and resource planning, budget management and ensuring that the team meets all project goals and requirements. It is also the captain’s job to represent the team at public appearances and presentations.

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